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May 1, 2019

As I wanted a special setup I chose the manual mode for partitioning. Get the Etch package at http: If, like me, you already configured the other encrypted partitions then want to go back and change crypto settings or deleting them, the system will refuse because they’re in use. Contents 1 Links 2 Hardware 2. Note that if you have more than 3. Actually it may work but only if a card is present when pcscd is started.

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Actually it may work but only if a card is present when pcscd is started. Privacy policy About YobiWiki Disclaimers.

But there is not yet a Debian package proposing this setup, only Ubuntu does offer it so I installed the Ubuntu package from here:. Views Read View del, View history. Dell laptops are able to turn a straight Ethernet cable into a cross-cable.

How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems

One simply needs to replace its libflashplayer. Restart your system and boot with the newly installed kernel. Should try a firmware upgrade? Tested, working, using Debian Squeeze kernel v3. From old to new laptop, I used a cable between them. Note that if you have more than 3.


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Then back to the partitioning screen, now you can configure the content of part 3: Apparently there is still a little problem when executing skype:. My TV resolution is delk Here is my setup experience of a Debian Squeeze.

I kept the default aes cbc-essiv: Personal tools Log in. Another attempt because this bit version becomes really too unsecure to live with be sure to remove all bit versions of libflashplayer.

Simply use xrandr to activate the HDMI output. This is the last option that I’ll try to follow, this is also the option proposed by the Firefox add-on Del AIDbut 0s5c only works properly on Ubuntu. Well actually you may try the Ubuntu 64bit package but actually it’s just the same 32bit binary After my previous laptop being end-of-lease I got this one in May Time for a tea cup And screen resolution is x But while I’m writing these lines, Adobe didn’t maintain its bit version latest was By default it loaded the generic VESA driver in a panned x resolution.

Contents 1 Links 2 Hardware 2.

Update the list of available packages and install the firmware-iwlwifi and wireless-tools packages:. As I wanted a special setup I chose the manual mode for partitioning.


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Adobe has a preview release of FlashPlayer v10 natively bit. Then I got a crash whenever I tried to call or chat, to solve it, see here:. I tried to undo them properly but finally I chose to blank with dd the beginning of part 4 then delete part 4 with fdisk from the console to delete the whole extended partition then by delp back to the main list of the Installer, and choosing again Partitioning, I could redo them.

Get the Etch package at http: So back to square one, I want to reinstall the broken bit version and wait for Adobe to provide a better version. I let tasksel picking up its default bunch of packages “Desktop”, “Laptop” and “Standard”. Note that instead of getting ia32 libs from Marillat, one can try delk following script: