March 15, 2019

To Be Continued – under construction. The manual is of no help and neither is the mfg site. Click on your Start Button. Sign In Sign Up. You can install the Remote Client Program on the remote computer.

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Other promotions on DinoDirect are not to be combined with it. A different computer on your local area network or out on the Internet at another location that you wish to use to view your Camera Server is referred to as the Client Computer.

Please pre ‘R’ to retry or ‘C’ to cancel At time i use gasolina. Evr click by this and proceed to your desktop.

Detection region can be selected for motion-triggered records. Each one requires it’s own set-up procedures. Windows Vista, like any new operating system, will have problems running some applications. To reload WinDriver, press Cancel and reboot.

You can use the Internet Explorer Browser on the remote client. At time i use http: If you do, you will most likely need help from a computer guru Control-Escape to get your Desktop controls.


4 Channel DVR Card Digital Video Surveillance Recording System SKY104

Copyright DinoDirect Corporation You may need help from your local computer shop or guru. Now close any and all programs on your Taskbar that might have started automatically when you turned on your machine.

The higher your frustration, the lower your chances of success. Need to Drive more then 4 Cameras?

Make sure you have a clear and well lit desktop to work on. Your Shopping Cart is empty!

Lieder 4 Channel DVR PCI Surveillance Video Capture Card SKYi –

This guide has more details, but if you need further help please edit your question to let us know 66802i you’re stuck. First – Let’s Check!! Sign up for a new account in our community. This Client Program is on the install CDROM diskette, so you would need to bring that diskette to the computer you want to use for remote viewing.

These instructions are based on you running Windows XP. This is your setup section.


4 Channel DVR PCI Surveillance Video Capture Card SKYi

Real-time surveillance video can be viewed vvr a remote location by dialing into the systems. We would like to share in your success. For customization, please consider 68022i before ordering. Right-click the CHM file, and then click Properties. Fusionsea 4CH Real-time live Record Have a Pentium IV 1. I am your exclusive service manager and responsible for all of your questions at DinoDirect.

Once again, you need to verify that you have no Yellow Exclamation marks or Question Marks that indicate that you have a hardware conflict in your machine. Already have an account?