January 5, 2019

While it is advertised as USB 2. No external power source or USB hub needed. It could also provide highly programmable flexibility and compatibility. If your target application always uses one AX device, you can consider assigning the same serial number in the EEPROM for every AX device for easy maintenance in mass production, especially if you plan to use a Windows PC to test AX based devices repeatedly during mass production test. Privacy policy About eLinux. No other network traffic. Best viewed at x with IE 8.

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Check also this thread: The netbook is limited to a USB 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Chris Pick 2 5. This shouldn’t be any different than manually compiling the driver as you’ve done, but other Ubuntu However, the USB speed will limit the throughput. Is there something I miss for this specific chipset?

Plugable adapter connected to the USB 2. You can configure this adapter like any other NIC.


RPi USB Ethernet adapters

With the latest Kubuntu and I guess Ubuntu as well is working! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The driver entered the mainline kernel on version 3. The MCS98xx supports 3. This bus also provides a high-speed 2.

In other words, the network connectivity of Machine-to-Machine M2M or Internet of Things IoT communications will be the primary market demand for the embedded networking system for the years to come. Works out of the box driver present since kernel 2. The AX supports 3.

AX – ASIX Electronics Corporation

I also unplugged all other network cables and manually specified a route using the USB adapter. The predictable network naming system was disabled. Cable Matters USB 3. Best viewed at x with IE 8.

Adapter needs last raspbian kernel. Works very well on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian Reboot and you should have a fully working Ethernet adapter. This solution provides the easiest way to connect the embedded system to the network for the reason that majority of the micro-controller all support Non-PCI local bus interface.

Where can I obtain the latest AX datasheet, reference schematic and other hardware design archives? You asid leave a responseor trackback from your own site. The AX supports a byte eFuse that is a one-time programming ROM for an alternate solution to store the required hardware configuration data in production.


With that driver the device is detected, but it does not seem to be possible to actually put any traffic through it. Works with a Model “A” Pi if plugged into an external maybe unpowered hub. A different USB 2. This device is so easy to use that I found the instructions to be unnecessary. Vangelis Tasoulas 1 5 I don’t have Ubuntu Precise on my laptop.

With last kernel there is no problem and adapter working fine. Remember to restart bmon and iftop and set the route again when unplugging and re-plugging the adapter into different USB ports.