April 17, 2019

Omegon 3x Barlow lens, achromatic, 1. This focuser has a free aperture of 65mm! Omegon Color filter set 1,25” 6 pieces. Omegon Variable grey filter 1. Customers who bought this product also bought Omegon SWA 20mm eyepiece, 1.

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Be the first and write about your experience now. Omegon 2” – 1. Bresser Messier 8×50 finder.

Omegon Panorama II 2”, 21mm okula. Omegon SWA 20mm eyepiece, 1. Log in to add this product to your watchlist. Popular Categories 10×42 Roof prism glasses 8×42 Roof prism glasses 8×32 Roof prism glasses 7×50 Porro prism glasses 8×56 Porro prism glasses Monocular with Zoom function with Image stabilizer Binocular accessories. Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 9mm 1,25”. Questions Service Advice Contact My account.

Further, the very robust, precise worked mounting allows an easy entrance in astro-photography. Omegon Universal digital camera adapter. Ookular ‘Red edition’ smartphone adapter. Telrad – projection finder scope with base. About us Contact Terms Login.


Let this big scope take you awayto the beauty of the universe! This focuser has a free aperture of 65mm!

Omegon Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths up to mm. Omegon Color filter set 1,25” 6 pieces. Omegon Star chart Planisphere. Omegon Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Baader Sun filter foil xmm.

User Beginner Advanced Experienced amateurs. Before buying this product, make sure to check our accessory recommendations. Meade Eyepiece Series HD 6.

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A motorical 2-axes control can be added. Omegon transport bag for accessories. Omegon aluminium case, large. Breaser Cronus eyepiece with Moon filter. Shipping costs Newsletter Blog. Omegon eyepiece and accessories case, large.


Omegon Newton adjusting laser 1,25” inspection window. Omegon Lens Agent 20x20cm. The EXOS-2 is a robust mounting with high bearing capacity up to 13 kg visual, 10 kg photographic and precise setpoint tracing for visual watchings and for astro-photography. Omegon 2” filter wheel. Detect detailsin faint distant galaxies and let the glow of nebulae takeyou to a journey into the depth of the milky way.