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December 17, 2018

Tray 3 No Paper: For the gateway address, set the gateway address located in the subnetwork set by the interface. Double-click the Add Printer icon. Page Problem and solutions In the print server mode The print queue is not assigned to the printer. When printing a binary file, set the file mode to binary.

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Printer Drivers for This Printer Printing requires installing a printer driver appropriate to your operating system. When you select [Off], the printer uses any size paper in the current specified paper tray. Smaller num- bers indicate higher priority. The default is active. Select the printer you want to use, and then click [OK].

Yellow Toner Not Detected: You can access [Menu Protect] on the dis- play panel. Appendix Information about Installed Applications expat Use of the software installed on this product, including the controller hereinafter “software” and the expat Version 1.

Wins Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Parameter auth [open shared] rate [auto c7425fn 5. To install a printer driver by Auto Run, log on using an account that has administrator per- mission. If you select the check boxes, the printer may not print correctly. In the [Printers] area, click the printer you assigned, and then click [Printer Number] Enter the printer number, and then click [OK]. After reading the agreement, click [I accept the agreement], and then click [Next].


Configure the User Code as necessary. You can check printer status from your computer. Err Report You can select [On] or [Off] to have an error report printed when a printer error or memory error occurs. To change the printer name, enter a new name. Installing The Postscript 3 Printer Driver windows Specify whether or not to print a test page, and then click [Finish]. Log on as an Administrator. Check the settings, and then click [OK].

The version c7425fn of the network interface board is displayed. Page 97 For details, see Printer Driver Help. When there are multiple print- ers to manage, you can create groups and classify the printers to facili- tate management.

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Monitoring and 7c425dn the Printer Message List This is a list of messages that appear in the printer’s system log. For the USB connection, see For the parallel connection, see Making Option Settings For The Printer Communication is Conditions for Bidirectional Communication Bidirectional communication allows information about paper size and feed direc- tion settings to be automatically sent to the printer.


The changed configuration holds even if the printer is turned off. On the [File] menu, click [Print].

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Set Monitoring and Configuring the Printer Use the “set” command to set the protocol information display “active” or “inac- tive”. Select an interface language, and then click [OK]. You can find the serial number on the label on the back of the printer.

Click the pause icon, and then click the trash icon. In the [Select the PostScript Printer: Page Select the name of the job you want to cancel.

As the Bluetooth password, enter the last four digits of the printer’s serial number. Specify files to be printed.