October 9, 2019

We have those water restrictions in place and all that. Cecil B August 8, 3: Monday, November 19, Video: The officers made lots of proceedural mistakes too. So if that grouse was flying down my hall at my face in the middle of the night, I’d want the sawed-off you carried.

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PVB, it’s funny you should mention the velcro thing. In spite of Officer Krupke’s opinion of this civilian, he displayed what we all know: BTW Im sure ur commanding officer would love to hear your some what racists view on Portland’s current ethinic diversity!

Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing Out A Card-Carrying Gun Holder (GRAPHIC VIDEO) | HuffPost

My word against two cops? Our basic weapon back then was the M-1 Garand rifle, and if it got wet or muddy you’d damned well better get it clean and dry before an inspector got to it.

Cecil B August 9, It sounds like a great idea right now, but it causes me to reflect on the Patriot Act. The restrictions won’t help; however, I plan to use that argument when I am around an anti-gunner, because they are sure to say that wouldn’t be right, queuing up a perfect illustration of hoplophobic hypocrisy In the Navy or AF you only got the eggs at O-6 if my memory serves me.


I wear a gun, uniform, and a badge too Well guys, opinions are like assholes.

You Fu** With Me!’: Cop Threatens to Kill Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop – TheBlaze

A black pimp in the back seat, trying to cut a deal with his white whore, in a crappy part of town. Tunnel Rat and Sniper are things to tell your kids about.

Cecil B August 6, 2: As it is, I began teaching, following my year Army career, as a means to continue in service to my country. Stay out of shitty neighborhoods and canto I do get stopped, which I haven’t been in 25 years, I will continue to keep my head out of my ass.

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Speeding is a felony to them. I wonder how many times he’s shot someone, compared to the other guys on the force, or in nearby towns?

Personally, I get a lot of insights into the topics that are discussed here, and though all of us may not always be in agreement, we can agree to disagree and let it go at that. I finally got around to watching the video, and we are all missing one very important point: Monday, November 19, Video: I would use that video for a lottery win law suit against the entire dept.

Notice; his partner was calmly going about his duties, perhaps even complacently, while Officer Krupke goes off like homemade fireworks. To many idiots that think we can save poliice world.


ihio William states “I have a conceal Also at hitting that grouse before he flies off thru the trees. I am old and I forget for sure. PVB August 3, In exchange, they will drop the criminal charges they trumped up against him. BEST thing I ever bought and if you can’t cook with it, you should quit trying cause it is “idiot proof” which is just what I needed.

I tell you what I should have done. Especially in this day and age. Cecil – of course, I will agree, the Marines have the best uniforms!!! He had it a week when a pimp shot him with a. Officer Harless Disciplinary Hearing: If the Canton PD is anything like this one cop, as is alluded to in some posts above, it appears time for a wholesale housecleaning in CPD. From what I got from Fox cable News, is it started out because canon cop shot a drug dealer witch is odd because most cops over there aren’t many that carry guns, only swat type teams, the Bobbies are unarmed.