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March 2, 2019

This item may or may not be in original packaging. I know Dell doesn’t actually manufacture the LCD panels, but it has established quite a reputation for high quality and excellent value in LCD monitors. About this product Product Information This Dell UltraSharp flat-screen computer monitor is 19 inches diagonally, and its x pixels of resolution give a sharp, clear picture every time you turn on the computer. Still, the FP offers above-average image quality when compared to other similarly priced displays. We were not able to get a sample of the FPW in time for this review, but we will get a full comprehensive look at that display in the next few weeks.

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Video doorbell without WiFi? Does a DVI set up help with the raggedy looking font edges?

If it were not for the cap problem I would recommend this as a decent mid-range monitor. That’s a new one on me.

Because many FP units DO have xigital caps, I would suggest you look elsewhere for a used or refurbished display. I’m thinking I should just go with a PCI videocard. Lack of advanced image controls minor colour problems in midtones With above-average image quality and a competitive price, the Dell FP is well worth the money.

Download Dell FP (Digital)

I believe they will just adjust down to the slower bus speed. One other piece of advice There are three PCI slots, then one longer black slot with a locking handle on it. VESA Compatible wall mount: I figured if the new video card is going to use some ram, another megs wouldn’t hurt, and the company’s primary SQL database on the server gets a little fatter each day, so we’ll bump that ram up a little too.


In my opinion the size is just right — I wouldn’t want to use anything bigger on a daily basis. Mike Bristol, UK Reply.

If your card has a DVI output use it. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. However, like all things in the computer industry, a lot can change in a year. Dell’s site doesn’t seem to want to cell that info.

Dell UltraSharp 1905FP: Setting the Bar for New 19″ LCDs

As I recall the Dell is kind of bright out of the box which could strain the eyes a bit. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning As long digitl you don’t use it for photo editing you should be fine. With Dell’s never-ending and never-static list of special offers and “Must end in 2 days”-style discounts, it’s worth holding on for a week or two to save yourself a lot of money.

Trending Price New. And yes, a standard PCI-E x16 video card will work in that slot.


Great monitor with a great value Pros: Show less Show more. I have about ten of these monitors at various locations, and my clients have all been happy with the image quality.

Not to change the subject, but is the PCIe X8 slot there for an ethernet card? Camelot One to Grumpy. This indicates that the monitor displays subtle shadings well at the bright end, as you might find in editing brightly lit photos or in viewing exuberantly designed Web eigital featuring dll text on a colored background.

Nice monitor, but high potential for early power supply failure I have about ten of these monitors at various locations, and my clients have all been happy with the image quality. Gotta do my part to keep the economy going.

I wonder if it’s a dlel bet to go with PCI? It also smoothly tilts, swivels and rotates from Portrait to Landscape mode. Hall MVM Dec 3: This may mean that longer USB cables are required when monitor is in that orientation. I have 3 of these on my PC, 1 on the server box, and one on my girlfriends PC.