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February 1, 2019

I have a base computer that is the origin of my Internet radio station. PS I might be wrong but I had to disable it in both the host and the client computer to make it work. Turns off all sounds from the host PC if a slow network connection is detected. In the LMI menubar the menu above your remote desktop , click the speaker icon to mute the viewer. Please please fix in both.

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Use High Quality Sound: In our application, both audio input and output on the remote host are mission-critical, and if there is any disturbance to them whatsoever, then LogMeIn is simply not a starter for us.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. This feature is not available for Mac computers. Installing the latest sound card driver may resolve this issue.

If the Sound feature is enabled but there is no sound, verify that your speakers are securely connected to your client computer. In rare cases GoToMyPC cannot detect the loopback input correctly and, therefore, cannot test the sound output. The Remote Sound feature allows users to enjoy one-way sound from their host computers to their client devices like your client computer or mobile devices.

And it’s downright ugly to assume that all users will want sound restored to the host just because they mute the remote window.


Ask a question Reset. It’s smart to let the slund toggle both host and remote sound with one button in the main UI. From the Sound tab, modify your sound settings as desired and click OK. Manually select the loopback input from the drop-down menu in the Sound Preferences window.

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Adjustments to your in-session sound settings can be made directly from the Viewer window or in your GoToMyPC preferences. This is a technical problem caused by Logmein software Early this year, they suggested I make a registry change in an attempt to disable the audio capability of the Pro version. There are known compatibility issues with older Wound sound card drivers.

LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

I was about to uninstall LMI as the remote PC was not able to use the camera’s microphone when using Skype even when no LMI connection was active other than in the background service. Select this option if you intend to listen to music from your host PC. How do I change my sound preferences? I had to reinstall LogMeIn and go through the steps of setting up a trial before I was able to get to the “Uninstaller.

This was until your post gave me the logmeun hints. Newer versions of GoToMyPC work with a wide variety of sound card types, but there may be a few compatibility issues:. Or, you could polish up that giant sound dropdown menu on your beautiful menubar. Is there any movement in resolving this issue?


How do I change my sound preferences?

Select this option if you intend to listen to music. If the network performance improves, you will need to manually enable the Sound feature. Select this option to optimize performance. This is a minor inconvenience, having to clear two pop-ups when I log in, but it’s untidy and annoying. Now, if we could all stop attacking our politicians and unify in peace, the world would be sisable better place!

If you partially uninstalled it, you may need to re-install it for the Uninstaller to work properly. After slund, the music will no longer be muted and could be heard by anyone close to your host PC.

I’m sure this has made for quite a few startling and eerie events when people unknowingly restore sound to far away host computers. I hope this thing is at least documented as there is no mention in any user’s guide.

This option automatically disables the Sound feature if a slow network connection is detected.