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March 24, 2019

Two things to watch for: I do have firmware version 4. However, with every new kernel comes new drivers and improvements to others. It’s for a different device but I imagine it could be generalised. It’s just a matter of knowing how to start it all correctly i. This approach was debated at length several years ago and it was decided that the above was the best way to go. Leaving it plugged in and powered up before starting up the system does not seem to work.

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Echo AudioFire 8 – Linux – Ardour

ALSA presents the analog and digital parts to jack as different devices and you have to combine in an asoundrc file. It’s not completely clear from the above if the firmware version trouble also affects your af12 instead of only the af8. I think I installed the XP driver version 4. You must unplug it, then plug it back in while the user is audio logged on. Grama Lambo Luver Perhaps it’s a firmware issue, or maybe FFADO has a but which prevents the names being processed correctly.

Echo Audiofire 12 compatibility? This is the most rock solid reliable set up I have ever had. Although both refer to the words “real time” they are in fact separate things. Anyway, it looks like I can perform audio mixing capabilities with ardour so that may not be a problem.

However there is no MIDI. On distributions with the old firewire stack there is some minor fiddling required for all FireWire devices to work, For the record AV Linux 4. Yes, another fine time waster in the life of humans trying to master their machines. GMaq Info There may be a way to script this. It seems that Audiofires need a fairly recent firmware update to work with the ffado drivers, as far as I know you need to have access to a Windows machine to flash and update the firmware before it will work I have no idea on the exact firmware version numbers.


AudioFire 12 |

Because the Echos are great value for what you get they are the best interfaces for Linux. Unfortunately I do not know the internals of the AudioFire interfaces well enough to know whether this configuration can be saved within the device for later recall, or must always be set from software. I cannot guess why the query might be failing in your case. Based on what I have found, the Audiofirw 12 should work at least as well as the Audiofire 8.


Hi there, I am new to this forum, I was linked to this topic from linuxmusicians and it is very interesting to see you got it running. What did make Firewire just work for me was KXStudio.

I believe that the onboard DSP relates to the digital channel mixing available within the device, and you can play with that via the FFADO audiofire console application. Sorry I can’t provide any more specific help. My understanding is that the use of port aliases varies between different jack applications though – some use them while others ignore them. Firstly, since you report that everything was good under a previous version of Ubuntu then it’s safe to assume that the hardware is good.


However, this setting is not saved on boot, so I have to manually turn down every channel every time I turn on the machine.

Finally, with recent kernels and anything from 2. My main hesitation is it does not look like there have been ecbo lot of success stories around the internet using this interface and I am hoping that somebody here might have some insight regarding this interface, or possibly have a recommendation for something similar that works well in Linux. Do you have any success?

It looks like it is enumerating the ports based on the serial number of the AudioFire 12; I’d try contacting whoever wrote that driver and see if it’s something that could be adjusted on their end. It doesn’t say whether this is a requirement though; if it is, you either have to build the kernel manually which can be tricky, but it’s not THAT hardor wait till 2.

Thanks for the reply. Search reviews to determine if the card has the right chip; that’s how I ended up getting this pci-express card.

Best audiofirr keep it all separate in my opinion. I notice a vast difference especially when recording things with particularly rich sound like analog synths.

Another thing which may be different is your video driver.