May 15, 2019

Insides of Fujitsu Amilo A view larger image. It has a They confirmed the fault and I was given a replacement laptop from Laptops Direct a few days later. All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes. The service was excellent and fast from the manufacturer and retailer.

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Left side of laptop view larger image. Alternatively, all laptop screens should have a part number printed on one of the labels on the reverse. I would plan to upgrade to a bigger faster hard drive and more RAM at a later date. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A view larger image.

The top part of the laptop cover has some scuffs and scratches, but does not affect the performance of computer.

Below are some benchmarks gained from running the programming Super Pi that forces the processor to calculate the number Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy, we use 2 million digits of accuracy: The two most likely reasons to replace the display screen on your Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Siemene laptop are if the screen is cracked or when the screen is displaying horizontal or vertical lines that should not be there.

The screen is fairly solid; there are no ripples on the display when pushing on the back.

Debian HCL – Fujitsu Siemens / AMILO A-Series Cy 26

You can cross reference this part number with our list of compatible sereis numbers opposite the relevant replacement laptop screen.


There is a Ralink RT wireless The audio ports can be configured for 5. When I first opened the box, the laptop was quite a bit bigger and heavier than my old ThinkPad. Visit our network of sites: Start Free Trial Sign In.

I tested the start of the first stage of the game, and the frame rate amillo from 20fps to 80fps, but average is fps.

You do not get any reflections of light on it either. I will be getting a wireless router soon, so will be able to benefit from it.

I paid for the laptop. PCMark04 results view larger image. There is also a disk with drivers for graphics card, wireless, sound etc. With a few simple upgrades of RAM and hard drive, it would be perfect and last me a good few years especially with the 64 bit processor.

If payment is not received and I don’t receive an email from you, letting me know when you are going to pay, or if you need a couple of days extra to pay. I do find it less accurate than a TrackPoint and it is easy to accidentally move your cursor across the screen, especially when typing. One minor issue is the keys on the keyboard, which has white matt letters on black keys. Graphical performance is very good for the price, as this notebook had the best graphics card in my price range.


My old IBM ThinkPad T20 was starting to show its age, and I wanted a new desktop replacement laptop that would provide power and good value for money. There are currently no items in your basket.

The outside of laptop is made of metal not plastic, it is a metallic blue color. The laptop fans do constantly run and the palm rest above the hard drive does get a bit hot after a few hours, but this is to be expected from a powerful DTR. It does still look good on the widescreen display, crisp, sharp and no visible ghosting.

The buttons are good and there is an additional scroll rocker between the left and right buttons. It is not as heavy as some DTRs and surprisingly thin, so can easily be put into a bag and carried around for a bit.

Fujitsu Amilo-A6600 (CY26) Laptop Parts

The keyboard is nice and solid, with good depth and spacing and adequately sized keys. HDTune Info results view larger image. But, it is designed to stay on a desk most of the time.