January 28, 2019

The enclosures are automatically numbered based on the enclosure ID expansion cable towhich they are connected. Run vxdctl enable to notify VxVM of the changes. Contents1 Enterprise Virtual Array startup When viewing an error, the occurrence of a more severe error takes precedence andthe display changes to the most severe error. HP P Command View offers the preferred method for shutting down the controller. Move the power cord bail lock 1, Figure 42 page , to the left. This message can be the result of the controller shutdown command or an EMU orpower supply initiated power shutdown.

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Country-specific certificationsHP tests electronic products for compliance with country-specific regulatory requirements, as anindividual item or as part of an assembly. No data is lost or corrupted.

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A number in mpko range 1— that identifies the internalfirmware module affected. I believe this is the reference manual. Observe the drive status indicators to ensure the drive is operational.

Under System Shutdown click Power Down. This reduces the risk of accidentally poweringdown.

William, even rva4000 I had one Fibre Channel adapter, I would configure the SAN in a way that this adapter has access to one port of each controller – making this two paths. Transmission of site vibrations through non-HP racksexceeding these limits could cause operational failures of the system components.


HP StorageWorks mpx and iSCSI multipathing – Storage – Discussions

Termination event information is displayed on the LCD. FaultTable 4 Disk drive status indicator descriptionsStatus indicatorDescriptionThis green status indicator flashes when the disk drive is beingaccessed.

The most severe error in the queue always has precedence, regardless of how long less severeerrors have been in the queue. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The fiber optic cable assembly consists of two 2-m fiber optic strands and small form-factorconnectors on each jpio.

This appendix also discusses how eva44000 identify and correct problems. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Once you create a storage system, an error condition message has priority over other controllerdisplays.

Solved: EVA and MPIO or secure path – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Page GlossaryThis glossary defines terms used in this guide or related to this product and is not acomprehensive glossary of computer terms. SeeFigure 7 page For redundancy, only dual-controller, dual-loop operation is supported.

Repeat for the other feet.

Left, right, top, and bottom push-buttons4. Figure 31 Raising a leveler foot1.

A single power supplycan support an enclosure with a full gp of disks. After lowering the feet, check the rack to ensure it is stable and level. Possible driver failover mode scenarios include: Two power sources exist for each controller pair and driveenclosure. Ideally these should all be connected through a pair of mpii channel switches, and your server should always have either two ports or two separate HBAs for path redundancy to the storage.


Fiberoptic cable is noted for its properties of electrical isolation and resistance to electrostaticcontamination.

Up to four PDUs can be mounted in the rack—twomounted on the right side of the cabinet and two mounted on the left side. Job hangs, cannot umount disk, fsck failed, disk corrupted,need mkfs disk. UsingWEBES, ISEE or other diagnostic tools, a support specialist will work with you to diagnose andassess whether a replacement component is required to address a system problem.

Figure 38 Disk drive labelReplaceable partsThis product contains the replaceable parts listed in Table 30 page Contents1 Enterprise Virtual Array startup Turn off the power switch callout 4 in Figure 17 page 39 on the rear of each HSV controller.