Card Reader


February 11, 2019

Do document to another recipient? Page A double-sided copy is produced from two double-sided documents. Failure to do so may shorten the service life of the product, cause damage or decrease performance. We recommend you include the area code for easy recognition by the destination. Destination Number Type in a number up to 64 digits long for the recipient number. Touch [Sleep Mode Setting]. However, depending on the currently specified account information method, the default screen may not be displayed.

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Loading Documents For Specific Applications 7. Pull the toner hopper out as far as possible.


Password in a safe place hidden from the general user. To using a name search, touch [Search] key, specify the destination, and then touch [Enter]. Touch [Auxiliary], and then touch [Image Repeat].

Return the guide to its original position. Never use other types of toner. Page Document size: Follow the procedure described below to replace the toner bottle. For details, refer to page Utility Mode Operations 4 Touch and to adjust the setting, and then touch [Enter].


You can still copy if there during dehumidifying. The copies are printed. Page Telephone line jack for line To continue scanning a standardsized image document, skip to step 9.

One-Touch List Outputs the contents of registered one-touch dial keys. It shows the numbers and destinations of the documents that have been lost. Dette er en halvlederlaser.

Imagistics-Printers Copiers and Print Management Solutions – Advanced Office Equipment

Don’t have an account? It does not stop copies from being imagisticx or printing from a PC. Book page order Both the left and the right sides are double-sided.

Page 97 – To load postcards Page 98 – To load overhead projector transparencie If the document has a non-standard size, first measure the size of the docu- ment.

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This machine is certified as a Class 1 laser product: The list is printed out. One-Touch Copy The selected one-touch key can be copied. Shows the stapling or hole-punching position that must be selected.


Genuine Pitney Bowes Imagistics Developer for. Precautions for using the finisher, saddle kit and mail bin kit Do not place objects on top of the saddle kit or mail bin kit.

When The Machine Is Turned On Do not turn off the machine while it is scanning or sending or receiving data, otherwise all scanned data or transmission data will be deleted.

Printer Size counter This counter shows the total number of computer printouts made on the specified paper size. Enter the title, and touch [Enter] key. Page 3 Iimagistics verify transmission activity Sets the receiving mode. Page Replacing the toner bottle