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March 12, 2019

The driver seems to to be working! Neither i have time nor resources nor a Zoran based card to be able to successfully carry out this task. I have a Bt video capture card an AIW pro , and your driver doesn’t seem to work You need to download the file without the “src” word in it’s name to get the prebiult executables. Video and audio will capture properly audio will be captured using your soundcard. So , there is no driver for that part right now.

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I repeated the process with the same dismal results. This option gets rid of all the inf files that can be used by Windows to install a Driver for a Bt8xx based board, and may help to ensure that ONLY the driver you plan to install will be the actually installed driver Yes, Windows Can and Will vards the “right” driver to install for a given piece of hardware checking the inf files, and will choose the most recent driver, or a signed one, but this chosen driver could be different from one you specify at installation time.

Review by SatStorm on Mar 29, Version: I have provided a patch in the download section for WinME.

bt878 video capture in Win 10 x64?

Now, with that profile saved captyre start the installer of my driver. Unfortunately, to support that chip, a major driver rewrite is needed; Even worse, i should know some propietary details of the AIW never released by ATI Screen video capture for windows 10 in Software and Apps. You can download the Vista 64bit driver here: Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. It does not matter if the channel tuned is not the one you selected, the only thing important for tuner brand determination is that channel must change when you change it.


Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. It may be disabled when installing or after installation. This will generate a card profile at thge end, that you must save in a safe place because you will need it when you install my driver. It should allow to capture AND preview at the same time in full screen mode.

Unless you are looking for the Bt8xx based video capture card driver, I don’t have it. Click the link or Download button and it goes to another page with a big, green Download button.

At least hardware is prepared for that, and the software should be also! Don’t test them on nvidia, Ati or other non bt8xx x cards, ’cause you probably harm your set up! All source files and libraries are provided. My Computer Computer Type: Most cards don’t need a driver for the audio part of the Btbecause you are using your soundcard to capture audio. bsaed

You must select the tuner model that makes the video application program show exactly the TV channel you have selected. Audio selection does not work This is the way it should be solved. I have recently found that clicking on the task bar twice means, outside of the capture app. Review by gorbydeath on Mar 29, Version: Just note that it is an USB devicenot a PCI one – And, as the chip is propietary, the info required to support that chip is unavailable, so, the only one who can actually write a driver for it is the hardware manufacturer Why this old card?


Connexant BTa PCI Video Capture Cards 4 and 8 way windows and Linux compatible

If channel does change when you change it, you have successfully determined tuner brand. Refer to the documentation that came with your card to try to determine the card type, andif you have a STB or STB2 inshaller, see the following question. This should solve all those problems. Do you know if Bt based boards with your drivers work in a dual-CPU computer?

WDM Video Capture Driver

DScaler works with your driver, but other programs don’t. This is a problem with the program itself, not with the driver. New 26 Dec 5.

You should see only one entry for this driver in the Device Manager: