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May 16, 2019

I try today daily build. Comment on this change optional. On the Twin-View edition board, running Gutsy 7. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. Raid is set to ide mode. Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on

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On the Twin-View edition board, running Gutsy 7.

I can’t use linux! I actually didn’t realize that allot of work had happened on this issue. My mouse is just standard Logitech USB-mouse.


I played with a number of kernels and kernel configs before I figured this out. Chuck Short zulcss wrote on I have the “failed to set xfermode” issue, too. BIOS up to date, contains Jmicron 1. Several people mention that giving the parameter “all-generic-ide” to the kernel at boot works for Fedora Core, however, it did not work with the Kmicron 6. I “installed” ubuntu simply by swapping the harddrive from my old computer, which had a fully updated version of edgy on it, already.


Jmmicron really want to switch back to linux as quick jbm361 possible. Cannot allocate resource region 0 of device Probably easiest way for folks to test the daily kernels is to install on the disk from another computer, update the kernel, and then boot this disk in the machine with the JMicron controller.

JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

I have 2 sata drives in a non-raid config. I just wasted a blank CD: Shriramana Sharma jamadagni wrote on I am glad to hear that.

My SATA dvd drive is detected fine. The amount of complaints is rising on various linux forums as people begin buying this newer tech and I very much miss using my favorite open source operating system: Giblet5 pw-byteshuffler wrote on Until then I am holding off on building my Core 2 Duo system. Mjicron MSI by default. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Advice regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks perhaps these would be good FAQ questions for somewhere or other. GripS evilgrips wrote on Pii pasi-parkkinen wrote on I need to use Ubuntu.


To fix this problem on 2. Pretty much what this tells me is that the patch jmlcron I was provided just doesn’t fix the problem.

How I exactly do that, I mean the problem occurs already on the installation phase, and I don’t have any other disks where I could have working installation. Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on So instead of having a total of 2.

MS PNeo How to set/enter Jmicron Bios at boot up

Please add that to your APT sources and install manually to test this kernel. At the second jjicron I was able to start the Live version, there I selected Install and all went well. Too bad, it doesn’t work for me either.