February 5, 2019

The KN1 is a versatile well-rounded machine that gives an overall impression far more favorable than the sum of its parts. If you have no interest in playing intensive games, and want more battery life, the KN1-GM model with integrated graphics will probably get substantially better battery life since the GeForce Go consumes a fair amount of power. The top is only a little warm beneath the left Ctrl and Alt keys. The interior of the laptop is black, with a black keyboard and a silver border around it. Sound quality through the headphone jacks is generally excellent. The underside of the laptop has one large access panel that lifts off to expose the RAM, processor, graphics card, and cooling system.

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I chose the 1.

1GB Quanta Quanta KN1 Notebook DDR SODIMM Overview – CNET

I had wanted something that would be rather uncommon and distinctive, but not something so flashy it would immediately stick out like a sore thumb amongst my classmates which was why I never considered the Acer Ferrari The KN1 has an 8-cell, 71WHr battery pack. Temperature-wise, the processor is usually between 48 C and 55 C. KN1 frontal view view larger image.

There are no custom controls for the touchpad outside of the Windows mouse control panel, but because this is a Synaptics touchpad you could probably download an updated driver from Synaptics.

The display is surprisingly good. It was a day later than scheduled only because FedEx missed me while I kn in class. KN1 left side view larger image.


I also found the glossy display to be sub-ideal for text-based applications i. Benchmarks We use the program Super Pi to calculate the number Pi to 2-million digits of accuracy, this is a good way of simply forcing the processor to do work to calculate a number noteboo, deriving performance from the time it takes to achieve the end goal. Relative to other notebooks, the spacebar is pretty large.

The interior is also made from a high-grade hard plastic, which has notfbook matte finish that should ward off all fingerprints and stains.

Therefore, reliability, a good keyboard and portability were important criteria. The lid has durable hinges, and there is virtually no screen flex or wobbling. The KN1 is sold through various resellers, who configure and assemble it. I ordered my system on November 28, The KN1 has a rather plain design, resembling a large plank of silver plastic. Like most laptops without a subwoofer, the KN1 lacks good bass response. I can assure you that having that little metallic sticker makes no difference whatsoever.

It may not be the flashiest notebook, but it has plenty of power to run most games, but it is also quite portable and practical to use as a mobile computer for productivity work. It also runs the games that I do currently play Warcraft III, Homeworld 2, Unreal Tournament without any problems with all the settings maxed out and a little anisotropic filtering and antialiasing thrown in for good measure.


ISTNC will be the primary point of service under this warranty, and I believe the same goes for most other resellers. Other places that sell the KN1 are: You can really see the difference when my old 2-inch-thick Toshiba is placed atop it:.

Sound quality through the headphone jacks is generally excellent. There was a refreshing lack of useless trial software and other bloatware.

I ordered my system with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste applied to all thermal junctions, which further increases the efficiency of the cooling system. Gaming Performance This notebook is more than sufficient for most modern games at moderate settings. The top is only a little warm beneath the left Ctrl kj1 Alt keys.

1GB Quanta Quanta KN1 Notebook DDR2-533 SODIMM (p/n QUANTA-1GB-DDR2-533S)

The KN1 satisfies my aesthetic needs, being good-looking in an understated way, and quite unique amidst the sea of Dell ms and s in class. At all other times, the fan is either off or spinning only at low speed.

KN1 display view larger image. The battery charges very rapidly, going from 3 percent to around 80 percent in under an hour while plugged in.

The charge rate then tapers off, taking about 2 hours total to top off the battery.