March 2, 2019

Out of the box, the level of sensitivity for movements is great for not needing to move my hand all over the place just to go from one side of my screen to the other. Pushing the scroll wheel left or right, acts as a “back” and “forward” in windows, such as internet explorer. The scroll wheel is great. This appear to be the main draw back I have several young children and they have no problems with it either.

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Since our 5 year old was using it, our Slide the battery door off of the back of the mouse and insert two AA batteries if necessary.

How to Connect the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse to the Computer | It Still Works

It’s very functional and don’t have to worry about it disconnecting. It is a good mouse with long battery life and an off switch, but looses points because they fail after 9 months of daily use. A bit smaller than a full-size a104, but for portability reason I don’t consider this a draw back. Logitfch you aren’t tech savvy this may intimidate you, but you’ll be pleased to learn that Logitech has designed the optical mouse to be very user friendly.


See All Buying Options. I buy the M for almost all my laptop users and for most of the desktop users with smaller hands. Apple’s new macbooks got rid of the standard usb port. Fits my hand just fine either way.

It’s a dark gray on top, light gray around the middle, and black on the bottom. Make sure there are batteries in your Logitech mouse. I also never liked the apple mouse because of it’s functionality. Also, the USB connector is very small and you don’t have to remove it each time i pack up my laptop.

If you upgrade from a standard mouse to an optical cordless mouse, such as a Logitech optical mouse, you will no longer have to deal with tangled cords or stuck rolling balls.

This is a worthy successor to the older M wireless mouse. They have a variety of different designs that makes it fun to make it your own than the plain colors that everyone else has. Turn the mouse over and press the small circular “connect” button on the bottom of the mouse.

About the Author Michael Wallace has been a freelance copywriter and journalist since Now let me start the real review. Since I bought this relatively early in I should then expect to use these batteries until Only 7 left in stock – order soon. This action requires enough pressure that I’m not doing it by accident when I use the scroll wheel. Logitech Wireless A0140 M – Lemon.


Items you will need 2 AA batteries if needed Paperclip. Don’t hesitate to pick this mouse up if you need one. I just enable on Bluetooth, turn on the mouse, Just know it will require a mouse pad.

Logitech Wireless Laptop Mouse

I have several young children and they have no problems with it either. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. He served in the U.

When you wish to use it, simply plug the USB into the computer or device and the mouse is ready to go. The fit is good on the hands, although I prefer the more satin-like finish on the M to the glossy finish on this.

The M seems to be missing the “reset” button that’s on the bottom of the M Video of the Day. It fits my larger hands comfortably which many smaller mice don’t. This is the perfect size!