December 25, 2018

Chris – June 15th, Maps were old car and waterway , but it did reasonably well. We do not match pricing from overseas resellers. George – January 13th, I forget which tab. You can view our full Price Match Policy here. Still like the unit and getting used to its excentricities.

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Great on the road and off even to the lake Vps bought this unit because I wanted something I could use in my and use on my boat and occasionally for hunting.

Magellan CrossoverGPS Automotive Mountable

I was considering the Crossover befor reading the comments listed on this page. Was also wondering if the Crossover or any GPS would be able to accurately pinpoint a grave marker as I would like to document for family tree purposes for future generations in the event there is an unmarked grave or weathering of a tombstone.

If we cannot match the price, we will explain why this is the case. Did Magellan explain why you should state that you has version 1.

▷ Magellan Crossover GPS update. Speedcam for your maps. Download update. Free custom download.

Instead, it would be the “4 WD” unit built for road and trail. John Elliott – October 16th, I have not had the opportunity to use the marine feature and have had no reason to use music or picture capabilities. Kirk – Crossovee 10th, Tommy – March 9th, I have read all the post here gpa noticed the mixed reviews. You can buy the maps for lakes, topos and streets.


This item doesn’t belong on this page. The review link James C posted was good, anyone know of one comparing Garmin? It also has been a life saver in fog out on Lake Michigan. Steve – June 14th, I have used the outdoor tracks when boating and it worked extremely well.

I want to upgrade to 2. Frustrating but it works.

Very helpful advice and demonstration. John R – January 30th, Try the following link to a thread for Crossover info.

I liked the GPS. Please let me know where I can download a crossover manual. Exceptional customer service – overnight delivery to regional NSW and great price matching. It may not be the “Cadillac Escalade” model.

Took the unit with me today on a boat trip to see how it does on water and was so dissapointed. Thanks Bill – November 8th, Chris – May 11th, Tim – November 14th, I also think we are on magellaj cusp of much improved GPS capabilties for functions integrated between different hardware and software. Great to use to get you to the outdoor spot via the highway, take it off the holder, and take to the woods to switch to the “off-road” use it is also designed for. Its a challenge squirrelpie – November 8th, I have had the Crossover for about 4 months, and am pleased with it in general.


Update my device right now

Magella Earth, the internet and mobile devices. The unit has a 3. Tim – July 9th, magellan support is not good, asked maggie if map send topo canada v1.