February 6, 2019

It’ll look like sh1t SD always does , but it’ll work. If you can post a picture of the FireWire port, I’ll be able to identify it. Also, it’s possible that your cable company has a firmware bug IMO that is not the point. The threads I have been reading do not list a captue card in the requirements and one person mentioned drop-n-drag so it gets confusing. You can download it from here , but it only works on bit editions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8; The drivers can not work on bit Windows bit drivers don’t exist for capturing HDTV and nobody is working on creating any.

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So I dusted off an old iMac, which runs using OS They should be labeled IEEE Sat Nov 12, 9: Views Read Edit View history. Portscanning my LAN turned up this: Unfortunately, they are all too afraid of the content providers to exercise that advantage so the features go unutilized. I do have a DCH box, so it should work out USB drive was a bust Just google for comcast hdtv firewire and check out the thread on avsforum.

Of course, if you have a Blu-ray burner, that works too. So I have that external drive connected with a FW cable to the old iMac.

Motorola’s DCH M-Card-enabled HD DVR

The only problem, the recordings on the old box won’t magically appear on the new box. What format are the files captured from the ? So you indicate that I can move saved media to an external drive from the DVR itself. I get a window moyorola seems to recognize the DCH box as it shows in the listing. Well I got off my ass today and wired up another keystone jack, so the DCT is now cabled into my network. After trying dch4316 couple times and having the same result, I notice that after I hit return on naming the file, I see the field “Capture Status” change for a blink from “Idle” to “Device Opened” back to “Idle” It seems like it wants to open the process, but can’t.



Originally Posted by askthiru. It takes trivial horsepower to record the stream, but it takes non-trivial horsepower to play back HD.

The firewire port on the Motorola boxes works in Windows as well. IMO, what the cable companies are doing with dvr technology is anologous to what the telephone companies are doing with cellulars; both have dcb3416 important technology. You’d need to really be on top of off-loading it via FireWire in order to not run out of space.

I think you can only get about an hour of HD H content on a standard singe sided DVD disk so if your content is mostly movies, you might have to go with the media player route. Perfectly clear to me from the beginning.

Can you point me to the the forum s where I can look into these? The reset information below should only be done at your own risk!!

Cable boxes only run at the lower FireWire speed. It’s pretty easy to work with and my install includes some documentation. The SATA port is the most motorooa candidate for such use. My mom and I talked about this, and I think that the reason that the cable company told her that it wouldn’t be a good idea to hook up the receiver to the box is because of copyright protection on some channels, making it impossible to record things.


Motorolla DCH wants external hard disk. I tried an external USB drive.

My Motorola HD cable box has Ethernet. What for?

Supposedly, a menu of options of picture quality and frame speed should come up. You may want to experiment with trying to capture a channel that is guaranteed to not be protected, such as PBS.

One option would be to update the firmware yourself via posted hacks on user forums, but this will potentially expose you to more trouble unless the hack came from specifically a Comcast user with the exact same STB model.