SCSI and RAID Devices


January 1, 2019

Was this review helpful? I am using the differtential input with bits. Odds are, that whatever you are working on, Measurement Computing can help. Ask a New Question. The counter channel is a digital input, so the TTL input should work better than a sine input. Galvo test bench – qulaification data acquisition. Search Answers Clear Filters.

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I have a question regarding the analogue output. All required power can be taken from the USB port. Out-of-the-box virtual instrument suite with strip chart, oscilloscope, function generator, and rate generator — professional version.


We will send you an pmd-1280ls once your answer has been posted. Try calibrating only 1 channel at a time, rather than all channels. Ideal as a bridging product in a wide range of instrumentation and control applications, the PMDLS will be of particular interest to original equipment manufacturers who wish to buy in the hardware but stay in control of the software.

USB-based data acquisition device with eight bit analog inputs, 1. An Error Occurred Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page.


Pmd-12208ls versions are available for embedded applications. Hello, I am trying to use the pmd ls daq to send data from a simulink model using matlab a.

The file output only gives a total count, which I can simply divide by the time interval to get frequency. Search Answers Clear Filters. Repeated acquisition on external trigger Can you comment on the FS’s ability to start analog acquisition upon an external digital trigger either via an unused analog in, or digital in?

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Other than that, these units have performed great for our testing. Before 1st use but doesn’t hurt to run a calibration to ensure proper operation. Analog readings sync How to syncronize bulk analog readings of two or more devices. This setting must be done on a global basis.

USB Bit and Bit Multifunction DAQ Devices and Boards – Measurement Computing

Is there any way around this? E Proceed to manage the data flow for both scans. Electronic Design Engineer Industry: The library of functions and sample code got me up and running in only a day or so.


Includes pmd-1208lz analysis modules and unlimited module count.

Multiplexing 63 months ago. Best Regards, Shane Job Title: OEM versions are also available.

pmr-1208ls You have to realize that the analog output from the USB has a limited current range. You can download the manual from our web site here: Hardware pacing is the fastest, and is good for waveform generation.

Search Support Clear Filters. I asked one of our Sales Engineers to send you an email with some information. Assuming you are trying to measure pmd-11208ls ma signal very common for process current and you wanted to convert that to a voltage that was compatible with the input pme-1208ls up to 10V, you would simply put a ohm resistor in series with your signal and attach the leads to the device parallel to the resistor.

To read current you need to pass “Current” through something, like a resistor. Knowledge Base List Archives Downloads.