December 27, 2018

Imaging Resource rating 4. The LCD blacks out briefly between shots. Image courtesy of Sony Electronics. My series of test photos show the DSC N2 to be a versatile digital camera, at home in the majority of situations. Below that you’ll find the mode switch, which moves the camera between movie, still, and playback mode.

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Smart Zoom lets you enlarge the image without a loss in quality, with the catch zony that you can’t use much of it unless you’re at a low resolution.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2: Digital Photography Review

Music Transfer software Mac version. A burst mode allows you to take up to four shots at a rate of roughly one shot every four seconds. I counted nine steps throughout the 3X zoom range. Each time you take a picture, a x version of the photo is put into the album, which has its own separate memory bank.

There’s fairly mild barrel distortion at the wide end of the N2’s 3X zoom lens. It only gets red eye once in a blue moon and my computer software deals with it fairly well if need be. You can shoot movies at a maximum resolution of x pixels. You may think that a touch screen makes the camera much easy to use.


On top of the N2 you’ll find the microphone as well as the power and shutter release buttons. In this day of Blackberries and Treos, a stylus and touchscreen aren’t really that revolutionary dsc–n2 themselves. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again!

Now I want to talk about the three rec mode options.

There is also a multi burst mode. I said Skny give more comments, so here goes. Even if you delete your photo from your memory card, it’s remains in the album.

The maximum second exposure time serves the camera well in low light and near darkness, as we were able to capture very bright images at the lowest light levels we test at much darker than average city street lighting at night. With most of the controls accessed through that bright 3. The camera’s touch-screen technology allows for a clean body style perfect for pockets while enabling a much simpler user interface. It has plenty of scene modes, including a new high sensitivity mode, though I’d avoid using that whenever possible.

Rated 5 out of dsc-nn2 by Anonymous from Great pictures and it fits in my pocket Glad I bought this model. If you want to see how Mickey is supposed to look, click here I just ran the above image through Auto Color in Photoshop.

My advice is to shoot in Program Mode and manually set the ISO, trying to keep it at or lower if possible. In my final tests I have increased the ISO levels. September 29, Last Updated: If you really start flipping through them, you’ll see a low res placeholder followed by the high res image a half second later.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2 Specs – CNET

Another bonus to the Sony N2 is its Manual exposure mode. It has a terrific slide show that entertains you with all kinds of variations for your pictures and music along with it to boot.

The only others that come to mind are the relatively small amount of built-in memory for a 10MP camera and the lack of Mac image browsing software though iPhoto works just fine. These give the skies a slightly uneven look.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2

I could do without it. The camera has two types of digital zoom. Below is the first of two ISO tests in this review. Video Mail Mode lets you capture smaller file sizes suitable for e-mail. From the full record menu you can get to a setup menu, which has even more options.