December 13, 2018

A connection can change the desired lock level at any time by calling the ttLockLevel built-in procedure. Use explicit sync operations as needed to sync log data to disk LogPurge Specifies that unneeded transaction log files are deleted during a checkpoint operation. Those options can also be set using SQLSetConnectOption , in which case the value serves as a default for all statements on the connection. Both the active and standby masters must have commit dependencies disabled. Each of these DSNs can specify a different set of connection attributes. Performs fileIncremental if possible; fileFullEnable otherwise. Temporary databases are not saved to the file system.

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In either case, each occurrence still has a distinct parameter position number.

Specifies whether the isolation level is read committed or serializable. Neither of these attributes limits the number of client connections to given DSN. This name is not a file name.

If the specified data type is not supported in TimesTen, the passthrough statement fails. Timesten – Connection String.

Temporary and permanent memory Changing data store size Receiving out-of-memory warnings Temporary and permanent memory TimesTen manages data store space using two separate memory timseten within a single contiguous memory space.

When you are using a driver manager, the driver manager manages this functionality.

Oracle Timesten Database Gateway for ODBC for realtime downstream connectivity

The first pdbc checkpoint is called, TimesTen writes the contents of the transaction log files to one of the checkpoint files. When passing SQL statements through to the Oracle database, use only TimesTen obc data types in column definitions. Ensure that your application supplies the correct SQL types for passthrough statements.


Table N LS general connection attributes Name Description Default ConnectionCharacterSet The character encoding for the connection, which may be different from the database character set. Modifying the size and unloading the data store is described in the following sections: Instead, they control how connections are distributed over server processes.

Creating an ODBC Client DSN for an Oracle TimesTen Database in Windows

A client application can connect to the server DSN. Functionality of automatic client failover When an application first connects to the active node, the connection is registered and timestrn registration is replicated to the standby node.

If specified, TimesTen always honors the TempSize value. If you specify a value of -1the default value is used for database creation, otherwise the stored value is used. If left unspecified, its value is determined from PermSize as follows: Row-level locking is the best choice for most applications, as it provides the finest granularity of concurrency control.

Oracle Timesten Database Gateway for ODBC for realtime do

This name is ldbc a file name. TimesTen supports the creation of up to eight incremental-enabled backup instances for each data store. Databases must be hosted on systems that have two cores or hardware threads or more to take advantage of setting this attribute to 2.

The client has a new connection to the new active node, but using the same ODBC connection handle as before. The lock wait interval is the number of seconds to wait for a lock when there is contention on it.


Table TimesTen options: TimesTen rounds the value up to the nearest MB. For examples of defining a odbf store, see “DSN examples”. If, for some reason, there is no active node no failover has occurred at the server side and both servers are either standby or idleapplications timeten connect.

The addition, removal, or modification of any file in the backup directory, except for modifications made by ttBackup and ttRestore themselves, may compromise the integrity of the backup and restoration of the data store from the backup may not be possible.

An application can handle non-fatal errors by modifying its oodbc or, in some cases, rolling back one or more offending transactions. Oracle error code nnn. Oracle mode, where multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered to be distinct parameters Traditional TimesTen mode, as in earlier releases, where multiple occurrences timeeten the same parameter name are considered to be the same parameter Yo u can choose the desired mode through the DuplicateBindMode TimesTen general connection attribute.

The ttMigrate and ttDestroy utilities can also be used to change the Permanent Data Size, when appropriate.

The server may have multiple server processes, where each process can only have the maximum number of connections as specified by this attribute.