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Has led the narrow fabrics industry in taiwan for almost 50 years.

Webbing. 562 tel. Bluewater tubular webbing 1 inch tube tubular climbing webbing 1 in nylon webbing for climbers heavy duty strap for rescue climbing harnesses rock work firefighting 1 yard 100 yards 48 out of 5 stars 402 6995 69. A woven band of cotton or flax used for reins girths bed bottoms etc. Our goal is to sell webbing sling round sling nylon rope rope ladder cargo net braided rope webbing sling pet s belt waistband webbing.

A narrow closely woven tape. Universal webbing products co ltd. Wordnet r 30 2006 wn webbing n 1. Threads of strong material twisted into strong strips used to make belts and straps and to there were fixed flexion deformities of the interphalangeal joints of both thumbs and fifth fingers and webbing between each thumb and the forefinger.

Something forming a web as between the toes of birds 2. Webbing sling pet s belt waistband. We specializes in all kinds of webbing provide a wide range of quality applications from designer handbags and garments to industrial belts and military.